Coming from an illustrious family in the fashion industry, in 2010 Laure decided to pursue her dream and follow in the footsteps of her ancestor, Jeanne Lanvin.

“Les Enfantines” was born …

As Laure remembered the fabulous treasures she found in her family’s attic, she used the concept of the removable collar and turned them into a contemporary design, bringing it into fashion today and setting new trends.

Keeping in mind how much fun fashion should be, she develops her collection so the collars, the pockets … become accessories, making each outfit unique and new everyday.

After two successful years, “les Enfantines” can be found in the most prestigious stores in Paris, such as Les Creations Bonnichon and Le Printemps.

For optimum control of the finest quality and highest standards, ‘Les Enfantines” now has opened and operates its own Atelier de couture in Paris.


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